Workshops & Courses


Next available dates:

March 25, 2018 (Sunday) - Whitecourt - regularly $125 - Inaugural run sale price $75

Ready to master your camera and finally create photos that you would be proud to display on your walls?

Be the BOSS of Your Camera is an introduction to everything you need to know to take control, end the frustration of failed photos, and translate your real vision into the photos you take. 

  • Understanding exposure and metering
  • Handling tricky light
  • Lens choices
  • Creative effects like:
    • pretty blurry backgrounds
    • stopping fast motion
    • artsy motion blur

For cameras with full manual controls (aka ISO, f/stop, shutter speed controls.) Not sure if that includes your camera? Ask

What to bring:

  • your camera
  • your camera's manual (you can find it online if you have lost the paper copy)
  • lunch
  • a notebook
  • questions
  • curiosity