Be the BOSS of your Camera

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Be the BOSS of your Camera

from 75.00

Take control of your camera and finally make photos you can proudly hang on your walls.

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An introduction to everything you need to know to take control, beat the frustration, and translate your real vision into the photos you take. 

  • Understanding exposure & metering
  • Handling tricky light
  • Lens choices
  • Creative effects like:
    • pretty blurry backgrounds
    • stopping fast motion
    • artsy motion blur

For cameras with full manual controls (aka ISO, f/stop, shutter speed controls.) Not sure if that applies to your camera? Email for help.

What to Bring:

  • your camera
  • your camera's manual (can be found online if you have lost your paper copy)
  • lunch
  • a notebook
  • questions
  • curiosity