Authentic Weddings

Your wedding is more than an “event”.
You are not just consumers following bridal industry trends.
You are not chasing perceived perfection.
Your wedding is about two people and the intimate group of friends and family that surround and support you.
Your love is deep and genuine, honest and comfortably laid-back.
Your wedding will be an authentic celebration of that love and of your eternal commitment to sustaining each other.
The images that tell the story of your love will dig to the heart of your connection, and document the pure emotions of your day.
The story that the images capture will be preserved in timeless heirlooms and shared with joy.


Grab your free guide to planning an intimate, authentic, and deeply personal wedding celebration

This wedding planning guide is written directly to the Indie Bride (or Indie Groom) who wants something more than the superficial standards of perfection sold by the wedding industry. I have included tips to help you to make planning decisions that reflect your values and the heart of your relationship. If you want to challenge traditional expectations and include only the details that add value to your lives, this is the place for you.  You will also receive new tips and exclusive content via email to guide you through this journey.

What's In the Guide?

  • 34 pages of down-to-earth content.
  • How do you know where to start planning?
  • Why planning your marriage is more important than planning your wedding, and how to do it.
  • Creating a budget that reflects your values.
  • A ring guide that has nothing to do with cut and colour.
  • Creating an intimate guest list (at any size), without guilt.
  • Choosing a meaningful venue.
  • Deciding what role your closest friends will play in your celebration.
  • Wedding fashion that doesn’t feel like playing pretend.
  • Décor & design inspiration that comes from your real lives.
  • Making time to focus on your relationship.
  • Creating a wedding day timeline that you can really enjoy.
  • Plus, a simplified wedding planning timeline for those of you who find comfort in a checklist but don’t want the pressure of a 200-item to-do list.

Why is a photographer sharing wedding planning advice?? 

While I did briefly toy with a career as a wedding planner, I realized that my passion truly lied in the personal connections and not in the coordination of minute details. This particular piece of guidance comes from a strong belief that the typical modern concept of a wedding is not what every couple truly desires.  With the experience of planning our own intimate wedding, an extra nine years of reflection on that experience, and the insight of planning, attending, and photographing dozens of weddings in those years, I wanted to share my thoughts on planning a simplified and deeply authentic wedding celebration.

I am honoured to gift this knowledge to like-minded couples who value meaningful shared experiences rather than striving for some perceived version of perfection and status.
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