Take Better Pictures of Your Kids

(and accidentally discover the beauty hiding in your ordinary)

crazy toddler singing upside down

You already know that there is more to your child's personality than their "cheese" smile

(no matter how cute/goofy it makes them look)

You already know that you are going to miss all this crazy when they fly the coop

And yet all the apparent perfection of Instagram and Pinterest has you a little bit scared to let things be real

And so you keep assembling their cutest clothes, brushing their hair, and cleaning the house all to get that Insta-worthy shot

But you crave something more REAL and BEAUTIFUL

This is that something

This isn't a technical guide... you don't even need a fancy camera

This is...

8 really simple guidelines (and 8 bonus challenges) that will help you to:

  • Use any camera (even the one on your phone) to take better pictures of your ordinary life
  • Move from random snapshots to intentional images that tell a story and evoke feelings
  • Identify the moments that you will miss the most and catch them before they slip away
  • Make the most of your own home, no matter which parts of it are falling apart
  • Get more creative and have more fun taking pictures
  • Create photos that actually mean something
  • Stop making the small mistakes that ruin good photographs
  • Small ideas that can be learned and applied in just a few minutes
  • Ongoing challenges and community to help you practice and master these small habits

This isn't...

  • Technical tips on mastering manual exposures or using your DSLR
  • A course for experienced photographers and visual artists (these are easy to apply, basic perspective, composition, and visual storytelling principals that you have already mastered)
  • A huge time commitment, each challenge can be practiced in less than 15 minutes as you go about your ordinary activities

What is the Course?

Free online photography course to take better pictures of your kids
  • A 34 page pdf workbook for immediate download

  • an 8 week email challenge launching june 27

  • ongoing community, support, and connection

How much does something this amazing cost?

now only $50

(and free for email subscribers)

toddler hands playing with little people school bus and zoo animal finger puppets