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photography that tell the story of your most important relationships. The story of the love between you and the tiny details that make each of you perfectly unique.


Real life is made up of tiny, beautiful moments, love and connection.

Shouldn't your photographs, the memories that will survive for generations to come, be a testament to this love and connection?

Shouldn't your portraits capture and preserve those tiny details and precious loving glances?

We create the art that forms the legacy of your love.

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Thank you so much for making us realize the beauty in our own lives that we felt “must be missing!”
— Jenny Williams

Design consultation to plan the session of your dreams and tell the truest and most beautiful story of your unique lives.

studio wardrobe flowing neutral gowns

Never stress over what to wear with a complimentary wardrobe consultation, personal shopping, or use of wardrobe from the studio collection.

Relax in your natural element with on-location photo sessions.

heirloom photo albums handcrafted in canada

Never get stuck with some cookie-cutter package. A professionally guided ordering session ensures you get exactly what you need with no gimmicks or minimum orders.

Connection Sessions

lifestyle family photographer in Edmonton, Alberta

Connection sessions are about creating art built around your relationships. The images that we create will be ideal not only as documentation of your most important connections, but also as art that serves as beautiful decor and an integral part of your daily lives. These sessions capture your personalities and love, and utilize beautiful locations and simple, timeless wardrobe choices to put the spotlight on your relationships.

Documentary Sessions

photojournalistic family photography Alberta

Documentary sessions are about capturing the raw beauty of your family's daily life. These sessions create an intricate story of your favourite memories that would otherwise go undocumented. Have you seen the subtle beauty of a dad brushing his baby girl's hair, the intense joy witnessing a baby's first breath, the silly way that your little one holds ALL the crayons in one hand when they colour, the painstaking effort that toddler is taking to copy his big brother's every move? These moments are small, but they are everything that you will want to hold on to. Documentary sessions produce heirloom albums that create a legacy for your children that purely captures their wonder and beauty from a unique artistic perspective. These albums will be a joy to share with future generations (and to hang onto yourself when you are missing those early moments).

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So you are looking for a photographer who cherishes the beauty of everyday moments between people in love? Awesome!

I am so excited to get to know you, and I would be absolutely honoured to discuss how we can capture and preserve your wholehearted love. Go ahead and get in touch, I always love the chance to share a cup of coffee, make new friends, talk parenting or birth, and of course, talk photography!

You can also reach me by phone at 780.305.5094

Serving, Edmonton, Jasper, Whitecourt, Barrhead, and available for travel across Alberta and beyond.

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