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Especially for sentimental souls and keepers of tradition...

You live your life in the moment.  Authentic, genuine, heart-centred and values-led.

You want to capture all the special magic of the holiday season, but you want to be a part of it all too!

This year you have a choice – you don’t have to step back from the fun to snap photos of the special moments. You can dive in wholeheartedly and be a part of each memory made this Christmas season, and have pictures of it all with your exclusive Holiday Magic session.

Close your eyes for a moment and take a step back in time to your childhood to the moments when your fondest Christmas memories were made:

  • Baking cookies and pies with Grandma, Mom, and their secret recipes
  • Sneaking the raw dough as you baked
  • Mom helping you to reach the high spots as you decorated the tree with your brothers and sisters
  • The glorious crowning moment that dad put the star on the top of the tree
  • Catching snowflakes on your tongue
  • Building snowmen taller than yourselves
  • Skating on an outdoor rink until your toes were numb
  • Sticking your cold hands on your Momma's cheeks
  • Your cheeks flushing and tingling as you snuggled in by the fire
  • The feeling of a hot mug of cocoa on your still-cold hands
  • Marshmallows in your cocoa getting huge and mushy
  • Reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas every night for a month

What would you give now for a photograph of those moments?

Book your Holiday Magic session today and be a part of your family's Magical Christmas Stories

kids reading Christmas stories at candid photo session
 family lifestyle and relationship photography by Brittany Sarah Photo

This is your opportunity to create a lasting legacy for your family and friends with a journalistic style session that not only captures your authentic interactions and genuine joy but will distill your traditions into a story told through the images captured.

For more information about albums, videos, and other ways to preserve these moments, call 780-305-5094 or get in touch below.

Only 12 spaces available, don't let another season of memories pass you by.