The greatest beauty in our lives are the tiny graces of the everyday.

Our most meaningful moments, gestures, and actions are not staged.

These are the moments to be remembered.

The moments that embody love, trust, vulnerability, support & connection.

The moments that form our most treasured memories of the most important people in our lives.

Moments that sneak by without announcement, without fanfare, and disappear just as quietly.

Our lives are deeply textured with tiny details, and these are the sweet treasures that documentary sessions dig up and lock away for safe keeping.

Documentary sessions are candid, laid-back, and create art that tells an honest and beautifully curated story of your relationships. The sessions document your daily routines or your favourite pastimes. Our time together is longer than traditional photo sessions, while I blend into the background of your lives and you relax into pure interactions. I carefully observe the beauty in your unique relationships, and tease out the details that tell your story. The images and video clips that are created come together to form a story in film or as an heirloom album. These images will create a legacy that captures this moment for more than its outward appearance; a legacy that includes a snapshot of your personalities and the special dynamics in your family at this particular moment.

These sessions are for wholehearted families that appreciate the simple moments.

These sessions are for overwhelmed families that feel that they are missing out on the beauty of their everyday.

These sessions are for crazy families that want to show their wild personalities.

These sessions are for quiet families that just want to snuggle.

These sessions are for brave families that are ready to accept themselves as they are.

Ready to be brave?

Ready to see the beauty in your everyday?

Ready to stop waiting for perfect and celebrate today?

I would love to show you the beauty that I see in your ordinary moments. Want more information? Check out the information page, or just go ahead and contact me below, we can grab a coffee and discuss what makes your family unique.