Beautiful Locations, Beautiful Styling, Beautiful Love, beautiful connections

Connection sessions are designed to create art from the beauty of your relationships.

The images that we create will be ideal not only as documentation of your most important connections, but also as beautiful decor that becomes an integral part of your daily lives. Amid the hustle and bustle of family, work, chores, and extracurricular activities, imagine being constantly reminded of the beauty that ties you all together, the beauty of your love.

  • Displayed in a bedroom gallery to greet you and give you a jolt of inspiration when you wake
  • Adorning the wall above the kitchen table, reminding you that when they are not debating who kicked whom under the table, they are also the best of friends
  • Hung down the hall to give you a moment's pause as you chase the little ones back into the tub
  • Gracing the mantle in front of the sofa, a gentle reminder to snuggle a little closer when another chaotic day comes to an end

These sessions capture your personalities and love, and utilize beautiful locations and simple, timeless wardrobe choices to put the spotlight on your relationships. As a result of the deliberate planning and consultation that you will receive, the session will have the luxury of being a laid-back, casual, and fun experience, with the added benefit of receiving engaging prompts and games that encourage deeper connection, not just in your photographs, but which can often extend beyond the reaches of the camera.

Your session will include:

  • A personal meeting to get to know the details of your relationships, determine what you would like to achieve and how my services will be tailored to those needs.
  • A planning consultation to review location options, approve style selections, and assess wall art locations to ensure that ideal images are created.
  • A custom on-location session to capture your natural beauty and love.
  • A guided image selection appointment with professional consultation for image and product selections, including a slideshow/video presentation of your images, proof review, album layout preview, and previews of your wall art choices in actual size on your actual walls.