Authentic Newborn Stories - Baby Tye

Tender new life, the deepest love, earth shattering life adjustments, and precious moments of complete, whole-hearted devotion. Bringing home a new baby is a start of a completely new chapter, and I am so blessed to tell that part of their story in images that baby Tye can cherish as much a generation from now as her momma and daddy do today. So much love on this little farm.

Welcoming - Baby Tenley

Curly legs and downy soft skin. Big yawns and tiny cries. Sweet snuggles and milk drunk slumbers. There is overwhelming beauty in a baby's first days of life, and in the love that she is welcomed home with. This is why I love capturing newborns in their home, surrounded by love, and in all of their perfect reality. What a blessed life this little girl is in store for.