Welcoming baby David

As promised, here are some more very special images from the birth of baby David. We were able to capture his two older siblings meeting David for the very first time in a "Fresh Baby" session later in the morning following his birth. 

These sessions are particularly interesting, because you never quite know how little ones will react to meeting a new baby sibling. I am very pleased to say that these two did wonderfully. They were curious, gentle, loving, and overall quite impressed with the new arrival. 

That big sister is quite the sweetheart! She was very excited about now having TWO baby brothers, and made sure that everyone was quiet and didn't disturb baby David (who was very casual about the entire meeting). 

A sweet little moment for a very sweet and loving family.

Big sister and brother were both so excited by this new little creature that the biggest issue was who would get the ultimate honour of letting little David use their stuffed toys. When it was time for a story, big sister was quick to grab a story with big sister Dora and her baby siblings.

And just as casually as ever, life keeps on moving forward. Goofy faces and delicious french toast breakfasts. A beautiful and loving family. What a wonderful place for baby David to call home!