Why Documentary Sessions?

These images are from my personal collection from about this time last year. At that time, I didn't share them here, because I was afraid to pollute my "brand". My artistic heart was pulling in two directions, and I wasn't sure how to fit the two together. How does one balance the desire to create beauty, to draw out connection, with a passion for acknowledging and capturing the simple beauty already present in the everyday? Looking back at these a year later I am more confident than ever in the importance of these images.

The same love and honesty is the driving force behind both my connection images and my documentary images. The beauty and appeal of connection images is more obvious to the casual observer, but that does not diminish the significance of documentary sessions.

As a mother, this is why I am sharing these images with you today...

preschooler colouring with pencil crayons in kitchen

Because some things haven't changed... This little girl is still most at peace with a quiet room, a crisp sheet of paper, and a healthy supply of colouring tools. That dress is still in her closet, and she still only wears it if I have packed it in her bags and she doesn't have a pinker, purplier, or frillier option (this was taken at Grams' house, so I know that is exactly why she was wearing it then).

...But some things have, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, they are all a little less plump and baby like. That first haircut is again stretching down her back...

watching big sister colour

Her baby sister still watches closely to learn all the tricks of how the big kids do it, although she now has stronger opinions of her own.

chubby toddler fingers grasping pencil crayons

The phase of trying so diligently to grasp every crayon has passed, and her knuckle dimples are all but gone for good.


She still sits on her feet on this bench, but will not need to for long. Those grippy bunny socks have been loved to the point of holes and are long gone. And most importantly, that precious curl on the bottom of her hair has grown out and I miss it to pieces.


Anneliese still layers as many accessories as she can find, and her drawings have only grown more detailed.

And this one, oh my! Accidental naps are much fewer and farther between, that beloved soother is finally gone, but the "dot blanket" remains. Those jeans, well, don't tell him when he gets older, but they are in her baby brother's closet now ;)


Last year, these were sweet images of my girls colouring together. Today, this is a time machine that pulls my momma heartstrings back to a very particular moment in our lives. As this moment grows more distant, the value of these images will grow immeasurably. These are my girls. They are real, they are beautiful, and they change every day.

I Love January

I may be alone in this, in fact, I almost feel a little crazy admitting it, but I think that I actually LOVE January. Alright, so perhaps being my birth month makes me a little biased, but despite being in the dead center of the bitterest cold part of the year, I think this month may have a few things going for it.

Despite my being pretty laid back and generally going with the flow, I have always loved making plans, setting goals, and "attempting" to be organized. January is such a fresh month.


A fresh new year with blank new calendars and planners.

A near-guarantee of a crisp white landscape out my window.

Weather that makes staying in pajamas layered with sweaters whilst cradling a frothy cappuccino socially acceptable (perhaps even Instagram worthy stylish).

Holiday decorations are packed away, and the decluttering that I had to do to be able to put them up in the first place means that the house is actually almost adult-level presentable for once.

The farmer has a few more hours in the day to spend around the house from time to time, so a few of the honey-do's are getting done, and I have an extra set of hands with the end-of-day-disaster-clean-up.

The eldest babe being back in school means that the toddlers are playing quietly together.

All in all, it is inspiring me to work on some "mommy homework" while the kiddos work in their activity books: clarifying what feeds my soul, and how it all comes together with making you beautiful people more connected to your everyday love. I am working through an amazing e-book that I have had for a few years but finally took the time to print into an actual, physical notebook that I can scribble all over. Ahh, how I love to be able to scribble all over. I think every business book should have scribbling space built in. I hate losing my notes for the ones that don't, but I would never be able to bring myself to do any big picture thinking digitally.

(I would highly recommend Kristen Kalp's Go Your Own Way to any business owners who want to take a closer look at their big picture and how to translate it into actionable bits... http://brandcampblog.com/goyourownway/)

I can't wait to share my insights with you all soon.

Wishing you an inspired January leading to a more authentic and wholehearted year!

Much love,


Gingerbread Houses and Tantrums Too...

The sugary and sour moments of the everyday life of a mom. The painful 15 minutes of waiting for icing to set before decorating. The big girl playing "momma" in charge of applying icing to the goodies. The three year old trying her best not to eat more pieces than she sticks on. The 16 month old who just wants to play Hansel and forget about the decorating in favour of eating. The newly perfected tantrums in front of a twinkling tree when his efforts are foiled. And then the three of them, best buddies, sharing in the "leftovers" with glee. There is nothing sweeter... well, the gumdrops were pretty sweet, but seriously, look at those tiny fingers snatching the rolling little treasures!