Re-Connecting - Ed & Cisca

Taking time to breathe each other in deeply, to feel your hearts beating together, and to share the words we forget to say.

Recognizing that what we have is worth celebrating without occasion, that it deserves to be preserved for posterity.

Appreciating the tiny details of love that accumulate over a lifetime.

This is what sustains a relationship over so many years; years of new love, of new life, of growing chaos, of struggles and joys.

Are you ready to re-connect and celebrate the beauty of your everyday love?

Beautiful Anticipation

These two beautiful people are on the cusp of big changes. They are high school sweethearts, and have been planning and waiting for this new baby, and a new life. Together they have picked up their lives and moved home, just up the road from the spot where they would hang out on dates, where he asked her to join him on this adventure. Now they are finally welcoming a new life into their new home, a home that they have built together and which is the stepping stone to their forever home that will soon lay on this beautiful site overlooking the river valley. This fine fall evening they were able to share their excitement, anticipate the joys that they are will sharing with this little one, and express the love that they see in each other that will transform them into the best parents this baby could be blessed with. They are in for such a beautiful life!

Brittany was an absolute joy to work with! From the very first meeting/consultation right to the reveal she was professional, invested and accommodating. Brittany takes so much pride in her work and it really shows! I was impressed with the care and time she takes to make sure that she understands the clients wishes as well as the emotions motivating the photo shoot. The end result is a stunning keepsake that can be treasured for many years and by multiple generations.
— Brent and Carmen Wierenga