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It's Always More Than We Expect

It's Always More Than We Expect

We all think we know what’s coming when we sign up to become a parent… Jill is a nurse, she knows how to handle pressure, to care for those whose lives are placed in her hands, and she was mature enough not to have delusions that motherhood would be easy. And yet, as we have probably all learned, you can never truly be prepared for how challenging this role will be. Whether it is in the ordinary challenges of adapting to giving of ourselves SO completely, or extra-ordinary challenges like unexplained childhood illnesses. Jill and her family have dealt with their share of both, and she will be the first to admit that she still doesn’t have it all together. And I absolutely love that about her.

A truly ordinary morning... (but it might be beautiful anyways)

A truly ordinary morning... (but it might be beautiful anyways)

This is one of those ordinary, uneventful mornings that every mama can relate to. Trying to check things off the to-do list, changing the same bums, going to the same park, hanging out in the same old house. So what could be worth photographing (for 6 hours!) in such an ordinary day?

A Manifesto

brush watercolour calligraphy your love

Your Love…

…is a radiant beam of light that turns the dust wafting through the everyday into beautiful, sparkling magic.

It is your everyday inspiration, and the most important legacy that you will leave.

It needs to be documented in its purest beauty… to be made tangible for future generations.

To capture that raw emotion, to awaken you to its beauty, requires an artist that forms a real connection with the truth of your heart.

To be real and vulnerable, you need to be comfortable, safe, and confident.

We can create that safe space together, with guidance through wardrobe and planning, and a laid-back session full of cuddles and giggles, without the pressure of perfection.

Your love is an art; display it proudly, hold on to every glorious moment and never let it go.

Why Documentary Sessions?

These images are from my personal collection from about this time last year. At that time, I didn't share them here, because I was afraid to pollute my "brand". My artistic heart was pulling in two directions, and I wasn't sure how to fit the two together. How does one balance the desire to create beauty, to draw out connection, with a passion for acknowledging and capturing the simple beauty already present in the everyday? Looking back at these a year later I am more confident than ever in the importance of these images.

The same love and honesty is the driving force behind both my connection images and my documentary images. The beauty and appeal of connection images is more obvious to the casual observer, but that does not diminish the significance of documentary sessions.

As a mother, this is why I am sharing these images with you today...

preschooler colouring with pencil crayons in kitchen

Because some things haven't changed... This little girl is still most at peace with a quiet room, a crisp sheet of paper, and a healthy supply of colouring tools. That dress is still in her closet, and she still only wears it if I have packed it in her bags and she doesn't have a pinker, purplier, or frillier option (this was taken at Grams' house, so I know that is exactly why she was wearing it then).

...But some things have, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, they are all a little less plump and baby like. That first haircut is again stretching down her back...

watching big sister colour

Her baby sister still watches closely to learn all the tricks of how the big kids do it, although she now has stronger opinions of her own.

chubby toddler fingers grasping pencil crayons

The phase of trying so diligently to grasp every crayon has passed, and her knuckle dimples are all but gone for good.


She still sits on her feet on this bench, but will not need to for long. Those grippy bunny socks have been loved to the point of holes and are long gone. And most importantly, that precious curl on the bottom of her hair has grown out and I miss it to pieces.


Anneliese still layers as many accessories as she can find, and her drawings have only grown more detailed.

And this one, oh my! Accidental naps are much fewer and farther between, that beloved soother is finally gone, but the "dot blanket" remains. Those jeans, well, don't tell him when he gets older, but they are in her baby brother's closet now ;)


Last year, these were sweet images of my girls colouring together. Today, this is a time machine that pulls my momma heartstrings back to a very particular moment in our lives. As this moment grows more distant, the value of these images will grow immeasurably. These are my girls. They are real, they are beautiful, and they change every day.