farm maternity session

Anticipating baby Kremp

These newlyweds are already building a beautiful life together. They have been working hard at making this ranch home since last fall, and that isn't getting any easier with a little one on the way. On the day of our session, this daddy-to-be was clearing bush and building fences, and even a tree to the spine didn't slow him down. Talk about a real cowboy! This mama not only gained a wonderful husband when they married, but a sweet old mare and a loving little pup. I have no doubt that this baby will be raised with all the love in the world, as that love already radiates from everything that these two care for; from the animals to the yard, to the sweet little cowbaby nursery that mama has painstakingly brought to life. I wish these two the best of luck in welcoming a brand new life into their wild and wonderful world.