Barrhead newborn photography

Welcoming - Baby Tenley

Curly legs and downy soft skin. Big yawns and tiny cries. Sweet snuggles and milk drunk slumbers. There is overwhelming beauty in a baby's first days of life, and in the love that she is welcomed home with. This is why I love capturing newborns in their home, surrounded by love, and in all of their perfect reality. What a blessed life this little girl is in store for.

welcoming baby Isabella

Oh my how I love a newborn baby! The tiny details like flaky little fingers and wispy little hairs, and of course most of all, the sweet snuggles of a brand new mom and dad. This little girl certainly had me convinced that new babies really can smile! Oh and that hair, reminds me so much of my own little ones. I can't wait to see if our new arrival has another lush little mane!