A truly ordinary morning... (but it might be beautiful anyways)

Hannah's own tagline is "Life Unedited" and I think she delivered in our session. We spent a pretty quiet morning together, knocking stuff off the to-do list and trying to shake off some of that almost-summer energy that two young boys are bound to be bursting with.

The idea of spending 6 hours in front of a camera can be nearly terrifying, and I completely get that.

As our days of motherhood pass, they so often all flow into one continuous blur, and it feels as if nothing exciting is ever happening. We change the same bums, cook the same meals, teach the same lessons over and over again. We clean the same messes and walk to the same park.

Our own life is never quite as interesting as that of our neighbours, our Instagram mom-crushes, or our Pinterest fantasies.

Except that it is...

It is all that and so much more because it is ours. It is a little bit messier of course, and we have often gone a bit numb to the beauty, which is why having an outside perspective to remind us can be so invigorating.

While there is nothing "special" happening in this story, it is that very ordinary-ness that makes the images so meaningful to Hannah and her family.

I just can’t get over how you were able to create so much beauty out of what felt like a completely ordinary and uneventful morning
— Hannah

I think that it is perfectly fine that our lives get a little messy. Cleaning it up can even be part of the fun.

I can’t wait to show you these when you boys are a little older and think you hate each other
— Hannah to her boys

Hannah shares her own honest thoughts about motherhood, self-acceptance, and living an authentic and connected life over at www.themomoirs.ca and on Instagram @themomoirs and on Facebook. I love how vulnerable she is with both the struggles and the joys of this journey, and I can't wait to hear her story about this experience from the other side of the lens.

This boring, ordinary life that we are living is the exact same magical childhood that our kids will look back on. These tiny details of real life are the exact ones that we will miss.

So what do you think? Is 6 hours of photography insane or the perfect antidote to 'ordinary-beauty-blindness'?


P.S. If you think you might be suffering from 'ordinary-beauty-blindness', I have an 8 week treatment and it doesn't cost a penny.


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