A little Holiday Magic

Let's face it, winter in Edmonton would get awfully dreary if it weren't for the joy of Christmas, New Years, days off together, and the rest of this fun stuff. What I love most about the holiday season (other than EVERYTHING) is the way that the traditions of this time of year connect our past, present, and future. This time of year we can bring our childhoods to life by revisiting some of our own traditions, live vicariously through our children as they experience the magic, and vividly imagine how these traditions will change as these little ones grow.

What are your favourite traditions? Did you bring any along from your own childhood? Invent any new ones? Can you imagine how special it would be to step into a time capsule like this of your own childhood?!

P.S. I only have 2 of these sessions left in December if you don't want to let another season's memories slip away!