The myth of 'Balance'

The challenges of motherhood do not always come from the actual raising of the children. Kim was born to be a mother and has been blessed with fairly easy going children. For her, the role of momma is a natural fit, and the ebb and flow of parenting these two has fallen into place quite nicely. In all honesty, I had a hard time finding the words for this post. Kim is so laid back and simply takes things in stride. She didn't come into this journey with idealistic expectations only to be bowled over by reality. She has found her 'village' through strong connections to her church community. She has built a strong business that allows her to put her family first. Their family is alive with love, and connected in all they do. They make beautiful music together, share tea parties, story time, and bed jumping. Even so, she still hasn't found that magical 'balance' that we have been told to expect

The thing is, when we accept the calling of motherhood, the rest of the jobs still need to get done. There is bread to be won, laundry to be done, messes to be tidied, and so many opportunities to say "Yes" when perhaps we actually need to say "No".

Saying "Yes" naturally feels good... we do want to help everyone, and to be a part of everything. And so we start juggling to fit more and more into our days, and find ourselves frustrated when we can't do it all and make it look effortless. I know, because I have buried myself under piles of Yeses until I reached a breaking point. And you know what, breaking felt good. I mean, obviously it didn't feel good at the time, but it finally gave me the freedom to say "NO" without guilt. Once I knew what another "Yes" would mean for me, and for what I was able to give to my family, it became easy to realize that the needs of my children carried more weight, and that saying "No" to some things was really just saying "Yes" to my children, to my business, to my husband, and to myself.

And it isn't at all about finding 'balance' as though it were the scales of justice, it is about riding the waves, managing the ebb and flow without finding yourself under water. Thankfully for Kim, I have every confidence that she will navigate the myth of "balance" without reaching that breaking point. How do I know? Because she has the insight to know that it will take more patience. She is willing to reflect deeply and thoughtfully in prayer. She is learning to give herself more grace.

Thank you Kim for sharing these beautiful, real moments with me. I loved capturing The way Z holds that little monkey belly button and L's little mix of sweet and sass that reminds me so much of my Ottilia. I hope that the album will be something that you treasure always.