Creativity for your children's sake

Life with three kids can be crazy; the laundry, the disagreements, the toys, oh… and the laundry. Trust me, I know. Take those three kids, squeeze them into a temporary living space that was perfectly cozy for the two of you, and I can just imagine how it would feel like we were on top of each other every moment of the day. Yet these close quarters have not pushed them to a breaking point, rather they have grown and woven together into the strongest bonds.

As Leslie & her family build this life together, they are also in the process of building their dream home. A home in which every board and beam has been a labour of love. A project which reinforces with every nail put into place that they are in this together, that they are working towards a common vision, and that above all else, family comes first. This life that they are creating is a lesson in patience, and in the value of pouring your own sweat and love into the things that surround our lives.

I grew up on a homestead, in the very house built by the hands of my pioneering great and great-great grandfathers. When my parents took over care of the house and poured their own sweat into recreating it as a home they pulled down drywall and exposed a section of the original logs, hewn by hand generations ago. The way that I remember that wall speaking to me… of history, passion, and authenticity… this is the way that this home will speak to these children.

The lives we strive to create for our children and for their children are not built of the mass produced, the easily attainable, and the equally disposable. Leslie is a crafter, a creator, a maker. She is a master of the power tool, and equally of the crochet hook. When you have children to raise, calves to tag, and a home to keep, there is always something ‘productive’ to be done. At times we can convince ourselves that taking time to create is frivolous, indulgent, and selfish. Thankfully Leslie has the wisdom to put those thoughts in their place.

In truth, we do not create merely because it is an enjoyable pastime; creating is what gives us the fuel to get the ‘productive’ stuff done. The joyful experience of living is not meant to be sacrificed in order to merely keep surviving. By valuing our true nature, by embracing and expressing the gifts that we have been given, we are creating a life of gratitude, a life of joy, and a life that we would hope for our children to aspire to.

Stifling our creative nature is never a gift to our children, for they learn by example, and we would never wish for them to grow into a life where they could not find peaceful joy in their everyday.

Hey mommas... are you ready to open up and embrace authenticity? The project is still open to applicants.

Thank you so much Brittany! Being able to look at or lives from the outside in is a very humbling experience. You’ve done such an awesome job capturing our conversations and putting them to paper, making it sound so much more profound then I ever could have thought. We’re so in love with everything about this session and can’t thank you enough. These pictures are something we will cherish forever.
— Leslie