5 reasons to embrace spring for your family portraits

We spent a lovely Saturday together outdoors this week, and it got me thinking about how much spring has going for it. It really is the perfect time to get outside with the ones you love. I couldn't help but think of these reasons not to wait until summer for your family portraits.

spring bicycles and famiy fun
  1. The beauty of new life is all around, with fresh new greens, blossoming trees all over town, and the early wildflowers in bloom.
  2. The kids are so excited to be outside again (without the burden of snowsuits and time limits of frostbite) and they are absolutely in awe of all the new sights and new freedom.
  3. The mosquitos haven't heard that summer weather is here. You have to love a DEET-free day out!
  4. We don't need to wait until obscenely late hours for gorgeous light. I am perfectly comfortable capturing your lives in any light (heck, our day out above was shot at 11 and 3, not exactly perfect light), but that gorgeous, creamy, wrapped-up-all-around-you light is only out for about an hour before sunset, and come June, that is WAAAAYYYY past bedtime for these little ones.
  5. Summer life gets busy, then fall is insane with back to school, harvest, and catching up after lazy summer vacation days, if you don't do it now, you might find yourself saying "next year" and missing out on preserving another year of fading moments.

Spring sessions still available. Book now before the mosquitos hatch and the days get long.