The 20 Mothers Project

I am so incredibly excited to announce a very special upcoming personal project, connecting with 20 mothers, documenting their stories, and capturing the beauty of their everyday life at home. The 20 Mothers Project is an opportunity for viewers to have a "coffee date" with 20 different mothers; dealing with many of the same struggles and celebrating the same joys, all while walking their own paths through this amazing journey called motherhood.

Each of my 20 mothers will receive a gifted "coffee date" session with me in your home sometime over the next month. The session will be a quick and candid peek into your everyday life, topped off with a couple of natural & connected portraits created in your favourite little corner of your home. Your thank you for participating will be a lovely fine art print of your favourite image that you can treasure now, look to for a reminder of the beauty of your everyday, and preserve as a legacy for your beloved babies. Your story will be highlighted in a blog post, with a few of your own words, the story of my observations, and a few of my favourite featured images.

I hope that you will be a part of this village of mothers. To apply to be featured, please complete this little form, and include a picture of you (with your babies if you prefer), and an image of your favourite space(s) in your home. Please share this opportunity with the mothers that inspire you, I cannot wait to hear their stories as well.