New Life - Baby Chesney

This household has been bustling with the busy, beautiful, crazy joy of two growing boys for nearly five years now. Whenever my girls visit, they always seem to come home with perfect little pigtails or braids; clearly this momma has been craving a little girl time. Coming from a family of a LOT of boys the arrival of this little girl was quite the welcome surprise. There have been moments of pain and moments of triumph in the journey to bringing this baby girl home, and she completes this family in the most beautiful way. The pure joy shown on her parents' faces day in and day out since her arrival is the greatest blessing. These moments holding this baby's sweet soft newness are already slipping away, but these images will hold that downy skin and those chubby cheeks in her mother's memory for time immortal. If these images can make her smile like this again in the years ahead... what more could I hope for.