Sweet Baby Love

The joy of watching your baby grow is somewhat bittersweet for every mother. There is so much pride in watching your little girl take her first steps, hearing her call you momma, and watching her fill with joy as she explores all the newness in the world around her. Every new accomplishment takes her one step farther from your arms, from that milk drunk newborn curled up against you, from those chubby little toes and dimpled knuckles, from wispy hair and drool-dripped chins. One year may be my favorite moment to document (or perhaps I am feeling particularly sentimental as my own baby nears his first birthday), that moment on the cusp of fully-dependent baby and wonder-filled child.

What little details are you feeling most sentimental about right now? Have you taken a moment to preserve them before they pass?

Are you ready to create a photographic legacy for your family's love?