Natural Beauty

I am so in love with capturing the essence of each woman's natural beauty. Typically I have focused on capturing her beauty by portraying the wholehearted love that she shares with her family, but of course, our love for others is not the only aspect of our beauty. There is an amazingly incredible amount of beauty in being simply at peace with ourselves, and loving OURSELVES wholeheartedly. I was honoured to capture this moment of quiet beauty, and look forward to documenting even more natural beauties. I do believe that all true beauty is rooted in love, and all love is beauty. We, as women should not fear loving ourselves! Let us all remember to create a quiet space for ourselves, and to take the time to appreciate each and every way that we are unique. In a busy household with three small children, I do not always have the pleasure of much "quiet" time, but when I do sneak away to the shower, or huddle up in a private space to nurse this baby to sleep, it is nice to take a moment to clear my head and appreciate my amazing life. I know that there is beauty in loving ourselves, and I am not afraid to see my beauty. It may not be politically correct in this modest Canadian life to say it out loud, but at the very least, don't forget to say it out loud to yourselves, "I am Beautiful." If you can't manage to believe yourself just yet, keep saying it, and give me a call, I would be happy to help you find your beauty!