birth stories - baby Daisy

As I approached the house I saw her smiling from the bedroom window above. You know it will be a beautiful day when you see a mother so full of life, excitement, and so surrounded by love. The late morning light was streaming in through the cracks in the curtains as I entered the bedroom, the pool filling, and the room positively abuzz with anticipation. Pausing for contractions, Torey was simply glowing, laughing, smiling, and ready for the action to happen.

The birthing environment was made perfect with a string of beautifully detailed drawings and colourings of affirmations hanging along the wall above the bed. How special it is to see those drawings and actually see physical proof of the time she spent meditating and preparing for this healing birth. I know that she was feeling a bit of internal pressure to achieve the birth that she had hoped for with her firstborn, and all women know the ways in which we doubt ourselves. Her efforts to surround her birth with trusting and positive midwives, to connect deeply with her husband, and to have the support of her sister at hand were all intentional decisions to bring this beautifully connected birth to life.

Andrew was such an amazing support, providing the gentle touch, a stroke of her hair, the warm embrace that she needed each step of the way. His soft smile spoke of his deep respect for Torey, his excitement to meet his baby girl, and his pride in Torey through every wave that she rode to bring this girl to this earth.

My favourite moment may just be the one documented with video in the film below, in which Torey expresses her surprise and disbelief of the amazing pain relieving powers of the birth pool. Of course, the highlight is miss Daisy's arrival, and I am so honoured to have captured her first cries, and the sound of her first hellos from mom and dad. This fusion of video and photography is such a treasure to Torey, as she put it, proof that she did it! Of course, seeing the love with which she was welcomed is sure to be a treasure for Daisy as well.

The video is truly a must-watch, but I have included the story in stills below to capture the pure beauty of these moments in a way that internet sized video cannot.

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