Hi, I'm Brittany.

and I am an imperfectionist.

joyful mom and preschooler

I am honestly the last one to notice a smear of jam on the walls or dust on the furniture, and while it makes me utterly useless as a housekeeper, it is useful when it comes to seeing the beauty in every situation. I have an innate ability to look beyond flaws and find the light within every person, relationship, home, and life.

Inspired by a mix of Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown, my personal motto is “half-assed and wholehearted”. Why would anyone in their right mind admit to or strive for half-assed? Because only by opening myself up to the reality of my human imperfections can I truly be content to accept and love myself, my life, and everyone around me. When I am willing to jump into a situation with my whole heart… knowing that it will be messy, I feel ALIVE.

My photography is not going to make you look perfect. I am not going to ask you to feign having your shit together, or to pretend to be an eternally happy and meticulously styled family.

work at home mom and her wild children

And yet I am also not going to call out your imperfections for the sake of ‘authenticity’. While I take a documentary approach to most of my sessions, the goal is not necessarily to tell every dirty little secret about your unfolded laundry or your messy basement. I lean toward close-up shots and artistically chosen angles that are more representative of the beauty and emotion that I see than a perfectly accurate portrayal of reality.

Some days it feels like all we are doing is refereeing arguments, wiping butts, or nagging with reminders, but I can assure you that there is so much beauty between those moments. That beauty is the story that you are working so hard to build for your family. That story is the legacy that your children want you to preserve. That perspective is a gift to yourself and to your family.

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