Motherhood in the Raw - the 20 Mothers Project

In our modern world of picture perfect Instagram and Pinterest illusions of parenting, physical isolation, and superficial online connections, I find myself longing for the mythical "village" to connect us in this journey. A place where we could bare our struggles and share our triumphs and know that there is beauty in the chaos (and that even so, we don't have to feel guilty about not cherishing every moment of the chaos).

In this special project I am connecting with 20 real mothers, documenting their stories, and capturing the beauty of their everyday life at home. The sessions are a quick and candid peek into everyday life, combined with a story built upon my observations and the inspiration that I have gained from each mother's unique story.

I hope that you will enjoy the authentic humanity of these stories, and consider becoming a part of this village of mothers.

To apply to be featured, please complete the form titled "apply now" below. Please share this opportunity with the mothers that inspire you, I would love to hear their stories as well. There is no cost to participate.

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